Eco-Assets has secured a three-year exclusive distribution agreement for the complete range of patented Polesaver products for the Australian, South Pacific and Asian markets including China and India.

The Polesaver product, and its technology, significantly extends the life of timber utility poles used for distribution of power and communications — in many locations doubling the life of the utility pole.

The Polesaver barrier sleeve is lined with a meltable bituminous thermoplastic liner that prevents pole failure by providing a total barrier to all the causes of rot and termite attack at the vulnerable ground line section.

The sleeve also incorporates Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inlays for the purpose of identification and tracking. The RFID inlay records the unique serial number, exact location, installation date and supplier of the pole accurately for improved auditing process.

The intellectual value behind the Products is proven ‘leading edge’ technology and has been independently assessed by experts. The UK based manufacturer of the Polesaver products has developed, produced and sold over 7million units in Europe, North America and parts of Africa.

The Polesaver product addresses the future security of the National Electricity Market in Australia as recommended by the Finkel Report. - increased security, future reliability, rewarding consumers, and lower emissions.

The Polesaver product has many ecological advantages and introduces the potential for transmission companies to use D3 class poles (Softwoods) in circumstances that would normally require a hardwood pole solution thus preserving our native hardwood forests. The Polesaver product will also reduce toxic leaching into the surrounding soils and groundwater caused by the current chemical treatment of timber utility poles.